Jeffrey Burton Russell is Professor of History, Emeritus, at the University of California, Santa Barbara. Besides UCSB, he has taught History and Religious Studies at Berkeley, Riverside, Harvard, New Mexico, and Notre Dame. He has published seventeen books and many articles, most of them in his special field, history of theology. He is most noted for his five-volume history of the concept of the Devil, published by Cornell University Press between 1977 and 1988. He would prefer to be most noted for two more recent books, Inventing the Flat Earth (1991), which shows how nineteenth-century anti-Christians invented and spread the falsehood that educated people in the Middle Ages believed that the earth was flat, and A History of Heaven: The Singing Silence, Princeton University Press (1997), a study of the history and meaning of heaven in Christian thought from the beginnings to the time of Dante.


  • The Uniqueness of Jesus
  • Glory in Time
  • Heaven
  • A Glimpse of Heaven
  • In the World But Not of the World
  • The Last Judgment
  • Miracles and the Metanormal
  • Dissent, The Devil, and the Return of the Cosmos to God
  • Relativism
  • Abortion
  • The Myth of the Flat Earth

  • Home address: 4798 Calle Camarada, Santa Barbara CA 93110 USA
    Office: Dept. Of History, UCSB, Santa Barbara, CA 93106
    e-mail or (better)


    University of California, Berkeley, A.B. 1955; A.M. l957
    Emory University, Ph.D., 1960
    Université de Liège (Belgium), 1959-60


    1960-1961 University of New Mexico: Assistant Professor of History

    1961-1962 Harvard University: Junior Fellow, Society of Fellows

    1962-1975 University of California, Riverside
    1962-1965 Assistant Professor of History
    1965-1969 Associate Professor of History
    1969-1975 Professor of History
    1967-1975 Associate Dean of the Graduate Division
    1972-1973 Chair, Religious Studies Program

    l975-l977 University of Notre Dame: Director of the Medieval Institute, Grace Professor of Medieval Studies, Professor of History

    1977-1979 California State University, Sacramento: Graduate Dean

    1979 University of California, Santa Barbara: Professor of History

    1994- University of California, Santa Barbara

    1979-1998   Professor of History, UCSB
    1994-1998   Professor of History and Religious Studies, UCSB     
    1998-          Professor of History, Emeritus
    , UCSB

    1994 Pacifica Graduate Institute: Adjunct Professor

    Academic Honors:

    1954 Phi Beta Kappa
    1959-1960 Fulbright Fellow (Belgium)
    1961-1962 Harvard Junior Fellow
    1968-1969 Guggenheim Fellow (England)
    1972-1973 National Endowment for the Humanities Senior Fellow
    1985 Elected Fellow of the Medieval Academy
    1991 Faculty Research Lecturer, UCSB
    1991 Director, NEH Summer Seminar on Religious Dissent in the Middle Ages
    1993 Director, NEH Summer Seminar on the idea of Heaven in Late Antiquity and the Middle Ages
    1996 Erick Nilson Award

    Courses taught:

    History of Heaven
    History of Christianity to 1300
    History of the Devil
    Philosophy of History
    Medieval History
    Ancient History
    Western Civilization
    History of Spirituality
    Historical Writing
    Seminar in Medieval History
    Medieval Latin
    Latin Paleography
    History and Truth
    Readings Seminars

    Doctoral students (degree completed):

    Chair or Co-Chair:
    Alberto Ferreiro (Medieval history)
    Leon McCrillis (Medieval history)
    Mark Wyndham (Medieval history)
    Karen Jolly (Medieval history)
    Cheryl Riggs (Medieval history)
    Marylou Ruud (Medieval history)
    Cameron Airhart (Medieval history)
    Jan Ryder (Medieval history)
    Mary Suydam (Medieval history)
    Douglas Lumsden (Medieval history)
    Christine McCann (Medieval history)
    Deborah McBride (Medieval history)
    Wendy Wright (Interdisciplinary)
    Tim Vivian (Interdisciplinary)
    Anthony Koeninger Pastor-Zelaya (American church history)
    Ronald Morgan (Mexican saints)

    On Dissertation Committee:
    Jeanne Harrie
    Charles Harvey
    Theodore Antry
    Helen Conrad O’Briain
    Stephanie Moers
    RaGena DeAragon
    Cassandra Potts
    Robin Fleming
    Pam Morgan
    Miriam Raub Vivian
    Samuel Antcliffe
    Barry Ryan
    Jonathan Rainbow
    Mark Smith
    Heather Tanner
    Lois Huneycutt
    Robert Babcock
    Janet Pope
    Hok-ming Cheung
    David Spear
    David Toye
    Rick Kennedy
    Beth Digeser
    Robert Helmerichs
    David Schmidt
    Fiona Harris Stoertz
    Anne Barton
    Laura Wertheimer
    Rachel Howes
    David Elliott
    Deborah Gerish
    Tim Hagen
    Justin Stephens
    James B. Tschen Emmons

    Invited Papers and Presentations:

    1961: AHA: heresy
    1965: UCLA: Celts and Teutons
    1968: Claremont College: heresy
    1969: MAP: witchcraft
    1969: Spartanburg conference: heresy
    1969: AHA: witchcraft
    1972: UCLA: medieval witchcraft and science
    1973: Oberlin: medieval pantheism
    1973: SUNY Binghamton: witchcraft
    1973: SUNY Albany: witchcraft
    1973: Rome: medieval sources and historiography; declined
    1974: UCD: witchcraft
    1974: Univ. of Tennessee: Thomas Aquinas as a dissenter
    1974: UCSB: witchcraft
    1974: Univ. of New Mexico - declined
    1975: Claremont Colleges: the Devil
    1975: St. Mary's: the Devil
    1975: Midwest Medieval Conference: the history of concepts
    1976: Purdue: the Devil in the history of concepts
    1976: Annual Jungian conference: the Devil
    1976: Ball State: the medieval psyche
    1976: UCR: the demonization of minorities
    1977: Notre Dame Art Gallery: the iconography of the Devil
    1978: York University: the medieval heretic's view of himself
    1978: Fort Hays State: witchcraft
    1978: AHA: heresy and society
    1978: UC Berkeley: the demonization of minorities
    1979: UCSB: the demonization of minorities
    1979: UW Madison: the demonization of minorities
    1979: York University: heresy and society
    1980: Medieval Academy: Henry of Lausanne
    1981: Sewanee Medieval Colloquium: keynote speaker - declined
    1982: University of Southern California: the Devil - declined
    1983: UCR: the Devil and Dante
    1984: UCSB Religious Studies Colloquium: Time after time: a new theodicy
    1985: University of North Carolina, Distinguished Visiting Scholar - declined
    1987: UCLA: The Devil and the concept of evil
    1987: Loyola-Marymount: Conscience in the Middle Ages
    1987: Univ. of Texas Institute for the Humanities: The concept of evil
    1987: UCLA: In Pursuit of the Ordinary
    1988: California State Univ. San Bernardino: spiritual eschatology
    1989: Interdisciplinary Center for the Humanities: the flat earth
    1989: University of Missouri: the flat earth
    1989: Free University of Berlin: the Devil - declined
    1989: York College: The Inhabitants of Hell
    1990: Goethe Institute UCSB: Mephistopheles
    1990: Universitat autónoma de Barcelona: The idea of evil in the Middle Ages (declined)
    1991: UCLA: Historiography of Medieval Heresy and Witchcraft
    1991: UCSB Faculty Research Lecture: Glory in Time
    1991: Dissent and Order: NEH Summer Seminar, UCSB
    1991: University of Hawaii: Cosmos and Meaning: Concept of Heaven
    1991: University of Hawaii: Inventing the flat earth
    1991: Anthropologisch Sociologisch Centrum, Univ. of Amsterdam - declined
    1991: Seattle Pacific University: Early medieval monasticism - declined
    1992: Oxford University: Medieval heresy - declined
    1992: University of Wyoming: The practice of history
    1992: University of Wyoming: Inventing the flat earth
    1992: UCSB History Associates: Inventing the flat earth
    1992: UCSB Library Associates: Rounding the flat earth
    1992: UCSB Phi Beta Kappa: The flat lie and the round earth
    1992: University of Madrid: medieval religious dissent - declined
    1992: Conference on Faith and History: Writing and teaching the history of faith
    1993: UCSB: Reconstructions of the supernatural (with Richard Hecht)
    1993: Medieval Academy of America: Reconstructions of the supernatural
    1993: Pacifica Institute: The Body of Christ and the Body of Satan: corporeality in the Middle Ages
    1993: University of Pisa: Medieval witchcraft - declined
    1993: The Concept of Heaven: NEH Summer Seminar, UCSB
    1993: AHA PCB: The historian and the "supernatural"
    1993: Villanova University: Columbus - declined
    1993: Messiah College: Christian education - declined
    1993: Univ. of Wisconsin, Madison: Social history of heresy - declined
    1994: UCSB Emeriti: Visions of and voyages to Heaven
    1995: Univ. of Taiwan: Aspects of medieval Christianity - declined
    1995: Univ. of Notre Dame - declined
    1995: Medieval Institute, Western Michigan University - declined
    1996: UCSB Emeriti: The human body in Judeo-Christian Heaven.
    1996: Pacifica Graduate Institute: Ecology of Soul and Soul of Ecology
    1996: SUNY Potsdam - declined
    1997: IHC UCSB: Heaven
    1997: ASA Science Education Commission: The Flat Earth Myth
    1998: keynote speaker, Plymouth State Medieval Studies: declined
    1998: series speaker at Community Presbyterian Church, Ventura: Heaven; Hell; Eternity
    1998: Westmont College Erasmus Society: Heaven Past Present and Future
    1998: Veritas Forum:  Making Sense of Good and Evil
    1998: UCSB: The Resurrection of Christ
    1998: UCSB Associates: Heaven and Hell
    1998: The Institute for the Humanities at Salado, Texas: The History of Heaven
    1999: University of Berlin: The shape of the medieval earth - declined.
    2000: Graduate Theological Union: Evil - declined.
    2000: Pacifica Graduate Institute: Evil
    2000: Veritas Forum: The Journey’s End
    2000: St Augustine’s Academy: St Augustine
    2001: Templeton Lecture: Constructing Cosmos: Science, Religion, History, and Reality
    2002: Symposium on Evil, Holy Cross University - declined
    2002: Conference on Evil, Louisville, KY - declined
    2004: Pepperdine University: Dante’s Paradiso
    2005: St Augustine’s Academy: Dante’s Paradiso
    2009: Faculdade de Teologia, UMESP, São Bernardo do Campo, Brazil - declined.
    2012: American Scientific Affiliation: Myths about religion and science
    2012: Getty Museum: Ideas of heaven
    2013: Zocalo: Scalia and Satan

    Major media interviews and presentations:

    1985 for the Australian Broadcasting Corp.
    1988 for BBC TV
    1990 for NPR
    1992 for Australian Broadcasting Corp.
    1995 for A&E Network
    1996 for Discovery Channel
    1996 for Learning Channel
    1997 for BBC TV
    1997 for ABC
    1997 for Australian Broadcasting Corp.
    1997 for Mars Audiotapes
    1998 for A&E
    2000 for BBC radio: The Medieval Ball, with Terry Jones.
    2000 for Australian Broadcasting
    2001 for MSNBC
    2001 for PBS
    2002 for British TV 4 series on evil
    2005 for History Channel on heaven
    2009 for History Channel on prophecy
    2010 for CBC on evil
    2013: Zocalo: Justice Scalia and the Devil
    2015: Belgian TV on “heaven.”

    Several dozen TV and radio interviews since 1980, especially in 2012


    Board of Editors, The Historian, 1984-1996
    Board of Editors, Mediaevalia, 1975-1995
    Editorial Board, Religious Studies, ABC-Clio Press
    Board of Directors, The Historical Society, 1998-2000

    Major Publications:

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    Approximately ninety book reviews.

    Among published books edited for authors and presses:

    Joseph Amato, Bypass (2000)
    Amato, Dust (2000)
    Amato, Ethics: Living or Dead (1982)
    Amato, Rethinking Home (2002)
    Amato, Victims and Values (1990)
    Amato, Surfaces (2013)
    Joseph Barron, Portrait (novel) (2008)
    Alan Bernstein, The Formation of Hell (1993)
    Gary Commins, Spiritual People, Radical Lives (1996)
    Alberto Ferreiro, The Visigoths in Gaul and Spain (1988)
    Klaus Fischer, Nazi Germany (1995)
    Fischer, The History of an Obsession (1998)
    Fischer, America in Black, White, and Gray: A History of the Stormy 1960s (2006)
    Fischer, Hitler and America (2011)
    Karen Jolly, Popular Religion in Late Saxon England (1996)
    Douglas Lumsden, And Then the End Will Come (1995)
    Sharan Newman, Cursed in the Blood (novel) (1998)
    Newman, Death Comes as Epiphany (novel) (1993)
    Newman, The Devil’s Door (novel) (1994)
    Newman, The Difficult Saint (novel) (1997)
    Newman, Heresy (novel) (2002)
    Newman, The Outcast Dove (novel (2005)
    Newman, Strong as Death (novel) (1996)
    Newman, The Wandering Arm (novel) (1995)
    Kim Vivian, In the Company of Angels (novel) (1998)
    Newman, To Wear the White Cloak (novel) (2000)
    Jennifer Russell, The Threshing Floor (novel) (1987)
    Rodney Stark, One True God (2001)
    Stark, For the Glory of God (2003)
    Stark, Discovering God (2007)
    Catherine Brown Tkacz, The Key to the Brescia Casket: Typology and the Early Christian Imagination (2002)
    Tkacz, I, Rachel (poetry) (2002)
    Tkacz, The Ruthenian Liturgy (2012)
    Frank Henrich, Heaven  (2013)
    Mary Howard, Bloodroot Frieze (title changed)
    Newman, Defending the City of God: A Medieval Queen, the First Crusades, and the Quest for Peace in Jerusalem (2014)
    Francis Oakley, The Watershed of Modern Politics: Law, Virtue, Kingship, and Consent (1300–1650) (The Emergence of Western Political Thought in the Latin Middle Ages) (2015)
    Mark Smith, The Agony of Victory, in press

    Short summary:

    Jeffrey Burton Russell
    4798 Calle Camarada, Santa Barbara, CA

    Born: Fresno, August 1, 1934
    Wife: Pamela
    Four children; four grandchildren
    Educated at UC Berkeley, Emory University, Université de Liège, Harvard University
    Field: History of Christianity
    Taught at: UC Berkeley, UC Riverside, UC Santa Barbara, U of New Mexico, U of Notre Dame
    Author of 19 books and 90 articles. Current book: EXPOSING MYTHS ABOUT CHRISTIANITY (InterVarsity Press, 2012)
    Retired 1998: currently Professor of History, emeritus, UCSB