"A Scientific Theory of Intelligent Design"

Walter ReMine

Author of The Biotic Message

January 14, 8 pm
Girvetz 1004, UCSB
Admission Free

Walter ReMine will present a scientific alternative to evolution. The alternative -- called Message Theory -- claims life was intelligently designed to convey a message. The theory makes scientifically testable predictions about what should, and should not, be found in life's patterns. The theory explains the major patterns of biology, including: biologic universals, Darwin's Riddle, the fossil patterns, embryology, so-called "imperfect designs," and patterns of "convergence." The theory turns the tables on the classic evidences about evolution, by showing that Intelligent Design is a better scientific explanation. Walter ReMine is a leading proponent of Intelligent Design, and author of the book, The Biotic Message. (www1.minn.net/~science)

a bold and fascinating attempt to state a comprehensive theory, the short of which is that life is designed to convey a message that life is the product of a single designer -- as opposed to multiple designers or Darwinian evolution. The thesis itself is exciting, and the argument for it provides a fresh perspective on a number of specific issues pertaining to evolution. .... Original, and stimulating to the mind, and very thoroughly worked out.

–Phillip E. Johnson Author of Darwin on Trial, and Reason in the Balance

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