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1. Why should students be exposed to problems in evolutionary theory?

2. Does Darwinian theory adequately explain the pervasive patterns of natural history?

3. What in your judgment are the most serious objections to Darwinian theory?

4. What do you feel are the strengths of Darwinian theory?

5. Is it possible that random mutations and natural processes are insufficient to account for all biological information?

6. Is it possible that natural processes exist which prevent major evolutionary change from occurring and which account for the natural phenomenon of stasis?

7. What natural processes might account for higher taxon level stasis? Why have no new phyla originated since the Cambrian?

8. What are the major problems with current origin of life scenarios? What are the major obstacles yet to be overcome?

9. Has the problem of chemical chirality been solved?

10. What are the primary reasons that Darwinian theory is still widely accepted by the scientific community?

Michael Denton's complete interview including responses to the following questions are available on VHS through Access Research Network www.arn.org

11. What was your motivation for writing Evolution: A Theory in Crisis?

12. What have been the major objections to the book?

13. What are the primary reasons that creation is rejected as an alternative to the general theory of evolution?

14. What would you like most to be remembered for?

15. What are your future plans?