Note: Dr. Craig's full interview is available on both audio and video cassette. Answers to selected questions may be previewed by clicking on the underlined numbers.


1. What is the significance of Jesus' resurrection?

2. How do you respond to critics who say the bodily resurrection of Jesus is not necessary; it is enough to believe that Jesus' "spirit" was raised from the dead?

3. What role does one's philosophical assumptions play in doing historical research particularly related to the resurrection of Jesus?

4. Do other NT writers provide confirming or conflicting evidence to that of the Evangelists?

5. What did the Jews at the time believe about a physical resurrection?

6. What evidence is there for the empty tomb?

7. Couldn't the appearances of Jesus after his crucifixion have been hallucinations?

8. Why did the Christian movement come into being?

9. What is the evidence that Jesus appeared alive after his death?

10. How would you respond to critics who deny the historical narratives on the basis of their physicalism?

11. What is the personal significance of the resurrection?

produced at the university of california santa barbara for the veritas forum

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